Backups/restore before upgrade

Hello. Is there a document discussing how to backup(and or restore) Invenio RDM 11.0 ?

Given there are many ingested files (PDF docs , images etc) is backup split between app stack/database and “flat files”


I recommend you reading our doc on how files are managed in Invenio.
You should backup the database and the storage path on disk.

For restoring, it depends on what you have lost. If you have lost a file, you should rely on your backup.
If lost db table, you should make sure that you have a copy of your database and the files tables can be restored.
There is no automatic procedure for restoring something.

In the future, we might invest effort in making sure that content can be exported in a secondary storage following standards (e.g. OAIS with SIP packages or OCFL), for interoperability and also safety.