Communication channels & developer forum


from a recent conversation with @lnielsen I understand that the communication channels on will still be updated to reflect the latest status as reported on the main invenio web page.

I still have a question, however: What happened to the invenio developer forum?

From the agenda it seems that developer meetings were no longer made public after November 2018 - was it due to lack of interest / too much overhead?
One reason I’m asking is because we’re running a larger open source project as well and I was very impressed by how easy you made it to keep track of what was being discussed & as well as to join in (similar e.g. to what the jupyterhub guys are doing).
I’d be very interested to learn about your experience in this respect, including experience with tools etc.


P.S. One minor nitpick

Maybe it’s just me, but the differentiation between “Chat” and “Talk” is not obvious to me. Wouldn’t “Forum” be the usual term for invenio-talk?

I also wonder whether “Documentation” needs to be listed under “Keep in touch” since there is the docs link in the top bar.


Both. It was hard to every week find new topics and it was hard to make them engaging. Parts of it has been taken over by the chat, but the presentation part is somewhat missing. We’ve been thinking about some new incarnation of the developer forum, but haven’t had time to do it yet. E.g. there was some ideas on

And yes, you’re right, we should just call it forum :slight_smile:


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