Communities do not delete cleanly in InvenioRDM11

Hi, I am running latest 11 release, I have an admin account.

I create a new community called (say ) a999 with identifier a999
I do NOT upload anything to it.

I delete community a999 - it SAYS its gone

BUT when I try to create community again a999 , I get an error saying the identifier is still in use.

Does this mean I can reuse the same community name but HAVE to alter the identifier???

Awkward if I have network load balancers pointing to URLS based on community identifiers.

Any advice?


Hello, it is by design: this is to avoid that someone else will use the same name and URL, when a community is deleted. If this was possible, and the link to the community was previously shared, the link would now resolve to a different community.
It is also very well highlighted it when deleting (depending on the InvenioRDM version):
Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 17.44.49

If you really need to do that, you can programmatically delete it completely, by changing database’s rows, which is not straightforward.

Feel free to join the chat and ask questions there, other users might have similar use cases and can help.