Documentation for InvenioILS

Where can I get Documentation for InvenioILS ? For example how can I import Marc file into InvenioILS

The only documentation we have at the moment is the one you can find here:
Unfortunately, we did not have time to make progress with it yet.

In any case, I doubt we will write about importing Marc.
In our CERN installation, we have created ad-hoc translation rules from Marc to JSON. You can see the code here, if it can help: cds-ils/cds_ils/migrator at master · CERNDocumentServer/cds-ils · GitHub

I hope it helps.

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Thanks a lot, Maybe Do you have any documentation on its use please ? A quick example how to use it

Unfortunately we don’t. This is because all the mapping rules Marc → JSON are custom, tight to our legacy ILS instance and new ILS instance based on InvenioILS. Not easy to document given the nature of the Marc data, very heterogeneous.

Briefly, what we were doing is:

  • export a set of records to a JSON (given a specific query) using inveniomigrator
  • apply the mapping rules using a migrator kit that we developed
  • use the migration command in our InvenioILS instance to import the cleaned JSONs and run extra checks/import

We would love to invest time in better documenting InvenioILS, at the moment not easy for us.
I would suggest you to first study the data model of InvenioILS, for example documents, and then think how you can map each Marc field to the available JSON fields.

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