Documents update

My question is that I would like to update my uploaded documents. But I cannot update them without changing the url. I want to upload to the same url. How is this possible?

Hello, sorry for the very late answer. For some reason, we missed your question.
When you edit an already published record, you can only change metadata for a given version of the record (same URL).
When you upload a new file, or replace, a new version of the record will be created. This behaviour cannot be avoided by the user.
Eventually, administrators can replace files manually, but this operation is only in case something is wrong with the file.

Hello! I am writing a script that would upload corrected files to an existing Invenio URL. The files have not been published yet; they are currently in draft status. However, my code is not uploading them, and I am getting a BAD REQUEST error. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

It is very hard to help you with such issue without a stack trace and seeing how you perform the requests.
Did you check the documentation on how to use the REST APIs?

I suggest you to join our chat and ask directly there, there are many users who can help you.