Does anyone support community / open-source deployments?

I’m very interested in trying out Invenio as the framework to power an open source data liberation / publishing platform that I’m working on. There’s a paucity of good tools for data liberation (in my opinion) and of the many I’ve evaluated, this seems like a very credible option.

Unfortunately I haven’t had luck getting through the installation yet (a lot of Python-related issues when I try to run the scripts at the end of the installation process). I know just about enough to know when it’s time to give up.

I would be more than happy to pay anyone who has experience with this particular app deployment and get me over the last hurdles. I’m hosting on a Linux VPS and am pretty confident that the hardware is properly resourced for the workloads.

Are there any MSPs / consultants who help with this kind of thing?

Sorry for the late answer, for more immediate answers, you could join our community chat on Discord.

We do maintain each Invenio module with active development and support, however we are fully focused on developing InvenioRDM, see docs here: you can quickly try it out with Docker, or play with the demo instance.

If you really want to use the framework instead, you will need to create your own Python application that will install the modules that you need. The best way to start from is to use the same modules’ versions in invenio-app-rdm, removing what you don’t need.

And about service providers/consultants, have a look here.