Error when creating New Upload

I have set up a Zenodo-RDM instance by following the steps on this link. GitHub - zenodo/zenodo-rdm: Zenodo Invenio RDM instance . A local instance works perfectly on
I however fumbled around until I had the same instance working on production server which is accessible from a subdomain I created. I have also configured the NGINX server.
I am having some challenges when creating new uploads, as shown in the screenshot attached. I am sure there is a problem with my configurations, though I have no idea what.


we strongly discourage doing that, and we don’t support this method. We have created InvenioRDM exactly to avoid this.
ZenodoRDM is the instance deployed at CERN, to run

You should create a new instance for your organization using InvenioRDM instead. See the full documentation

Thank you.
I am still trying to understand the system. I am well guided. Let me pull it down and set up the Invenio RDM instance, and see if I will experience the same challenges.