Exposing Custom Metadata through OAI-PMH

Since I’m unable to find anything about it - will custom metadata in communities be harvestable through OAI-PMH? We have a requirement to store CMDI-metadata and make it harvestable through OAI like that. There’s also some money to spend on the issue (about 17K€), but I need to know what’s the plan for harvesting custom metadata prefixes through OAI PMH.

Just because I saw that right now - this might be the place to look for starters:


Actually, so what is needed here is 1) a custom serialiser for CMDI-metadata. So does’t matter if you should have the metadata via OAI-PMH or via the REST API 2) As you correctly identify you need to use that serialiser to configure a new metadata format in invenio-oaiserver.

I’ve changed the title to “Exposing” instead of “Harvesting” because harvesting made me think that InvenioRDM should harvest another repository, but it’s rather about having InvenioRDM being harvest if I understand correctly.

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