External access to InveniRDM

I have installed InvenioRDM for a test on an Ubuntu VM. I can access with the link but i want to know if i can access to it from another pc?


have a look to the documentation here.

i run invenio-cli run --host --port 5000 on my VM and when i type https://server_ip_address:5000 on another pc web browser nothing happen

It might be that you have to configure your Ubuntu VM or the VM software then, did you check firewall configuration or network/NAT settings?

I allowed all connections from subnet to port 5000 in Ubuntu FireWall. The VM software allow me to communicate with my VM from any other pc on the subnet. i don’t know so much in network

It looks to me that this is an issue related to your VM configuration and not to InvenioRDM, we won’t be able to help you more than this. InvenioRDM is reachable from any IP when you run it as in the doc.

You can also join the chatroom and ask other users to see if anyone else encountered a similar issue.

Thanks for your help