How to add other person into my community?\

Hi, all.

Recently, I try to use Invenio-RDM managing the records. Because it involved many labs, so I want to use communities seperating them by labs.
But I found that, the owner of each community can’t invite other person joining community and also the other can’t send a request to owner.

Is there anybody know how to invite others joining my community?

you can invite local users (who already logging in the system) that have set their profile to public, see documentation here.
You can set the default visibility as described here.
At the moment, you cannot invite external or not yet logged in users: this features will be developed in the upcoming weeks, and it will be available with InvenioRDM v12.

If your instance uses external logins (e.g. OAuth/SSO), you can automatically set the visibility of the user so that the user can be found when searching, see the code snipped here.

If all your users are part of a central organization database (e.g. LDAP), in the context of an organization/university digital repository, you can implement an automatic sync or dump of such DB into InvenioRDM, so any user can be found.

Thank you, I invite members successfully now.