Invalid value cc-by-4.0

Hi all

I have running an invenio instance for a few months without a problem.
Until yesterday after upgrade my OS (ubuntu 22.04) and adding the affiliations in the vocabularies.yaml,
I cannot upload any file or create a record. At the bottom I have pasted the error message.
Any clues?

invenio_records.systemfields.relations.errors.InvalidRelationValue: Invalid value cc-by-4.0.
/home/hmgu/.local/share/virtualenvs/nefeli-rdm-88E9xufH/lib/python3.9/site-packages/flask_resources/ DeprecationWarning: ‘JSONEncoder’ is deprecated and will be removed in Flask 2.3. Use ‘Flask.json’ to provide an alternate JSON implementation instead.
return json.dumps(body, cls=JSONEncoder)

Thanks in advance.
Carlos Garcia

Hi Carlos! it seems that for some reason your licenses vocabularies was deleted (then the default one - cc-by-4.0 -, is not being able to be linked to the records).

You can check if said license still exists by querying the /api/vocabularies/licenses endpoint.

In addition, you might get faster answers in our Discord server: inveniosoftware

Thanks ppanero for your response.
Indeed the vocabularies licenses were deleted.
How can I restore them?