InvenioConnector API

I am supporting an application that used an older version of the invenio_connector python package. Since then invenio has moved on to and from both invenio.utlls.connector and then invenio-client (as best as I can tell).

Essentially, I am querying CDS via InvenioConnector and displaying the results in a graphical, interactive application.

My question: what’s the latest and greatest way to install and access this API?

I think you are referring to Invenio v1, which is the version of Invenio that CDS is running at the moment.
Do you refer to this invenio-client lib?

What APIs are you trying to use?

Thanks for your reply.

I am doing something like:

from invenio_connector import *

cds_url = ""
cds = InvenioConnector(cds_url)
results ="EXO",c="CMS Papers",f="reportnumber",rg="1000")

where invenio_connector comes from a local python file.

I would like to stop using this local installation and start using whatever is currently supported (and to keep up with any changes).

Is this invenio-client lib deprecated? If so, what should I use in its place?

Can you please share the link to the “invenio_connector” library that you are using?

We don’t maintain any Invenio connector library.
I am the service manager of CDS, maybe you can create a request explaining what kind of data you need to harvest.

We were using an old version of invenio_connector installed locally:

You can see a bit what we are doing in

Essentially, we want to query CDS to obtain a list of CMS papers and from this information created an interactive webpage.

Is there an up-to-date way to query CDS via a python API?

we don’t maintain this module.
I will contact you by e-mail for more discussions, this is more related to CDS at CERN.