InvenioILS lang support?

Hi everyone,

After trying the preview, I’m quite interested in invenioILS (exactly the ILS I was looking for) . I currently have two questions:

Does the current backoffice/frontend app support international langages ?
Is LDAP support planned for 1.0.0 ?

(Is there any plan for a first production release this year ?)

Best regards


Dear Guillaume,
thank you for your interest in the project! :slight_smile:

We are approaching production of InvenioILS at CERN in a couple of weeks, however we did not have time to polish the product, write good documentation and prepare a demo instance yet.
At the moment, all teams are focusing on developing and releasing InvenioRDM first. We are planning to come back to InvenioILS towards the end of the year and in particular write recipes on how to customize it.
At the moment, you will require developer skills to configure it.

Feel free to join the Invenio chat: Documentation — (Getting help)


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