InvenioRDM Alpha 6 (April Release)

We hope this release finds you all safe at home amidst these strange times.

Although in this release, we won’t ask you to test, a lot of discussion, planning and foundational work has been laid. The Deposit page has been our focus and that meant designing the frontend and the backend based on lessons learned from the beta invenio-deposit and from the angularjs invenio-records-js and invenio-files-js modules. We hope to implement most of it in May.

That being said, as usual, we still made some improvements based on your March feedback. Thank you all for testing and for your many contributions. Special thanks to Werner’s exploration of Kubernetes deployment and Esteban’s S3 big file uploads.

Release Content

Note that the demo sites will not be updated yet as much of this work is proof of concept.

What do you need to do?

Wash your hands :open_hands: and socially distance yourself!

Also, you can install the latest invenio-cli v0.12.0 if you want, but, as mentioned, apart from the /deposits/new proof of concept page you won’t see anything else. Take it easy this time. We will
be asking a lot of feedback from you next month!

Thank you for your patience, take care and stay safe!