Is the InvenioILS "Preview - Documentation" Guide Docker-Compose Production Ready?

I’m just getting my bearings with the InvenioILS project, and… wow! It looks amazing. I’m having a bit of trouble getting up and running with it hosted on an Ubuntu 20.04 server. When I ran the steps described in the Preview - Documentation documentation, I did end up getting a frontend up, but it didn’t seem to be working correctly. (Note the Network Error description in the image below)

So my question is this: Is the described docker-compose file set up for “production”? Or are there other steps that need to be taken to make all the digital-plumbing connect?

Thank you! I’m so excited to get started with using this project. It looks marvelous!

We are sorry that the documentation is at a very early stage at the moment. We had to switch to work on InvenioRDM and we could complete the documentation and improve the developer experience for InvenioILS.

The network error might be caused by a couple of things:

  1. open the network console in your browser and make sure that the backend is reachable on Often, you need to open that URL to accept the self-signed certificate
  2. the frontend/backend vars are not configured correctly. You need to set them correctly here. You can find here how to override these defaults with env vars.

About the docker compose: this should be a pretty good starting point, but we don’t recommend running docker-compose in production. You need to make sure that you persist your data correctly.
We maintain helm charts that can be used to deploy and InvenioRDM instance, which is very similar to InvenioILS (a few differences because of the client-side web app SPA).

I hope it helps! Feel free to join the Invenio chat if you need help: Documentation —

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Oh, this is great information! I think that this got me a lot further down the pipe! That said… I’m still running into problems.


If Docker isn’t (at least for now) the best place to run for production. What steps should I take to spin up an instance? Maybe I can help with the documentation effort if I have the “rough outline” of installing.

Thank you, again for your guidance here! I may not yet be in the clear, but I’m getting my bearings in the project, now!

I should add to this, I got fewer errors, but still run into a 503 after some time.

Some 503 errors are still appearing. But maybe we can ignore that for now, if Docker isn’t the “right” way to deploy (or at least for now).

This should not happen :frowning: can you share here the exact commands that you are running so I can try to reproduce?

About the documentation, there is a lot to write, I would love to have the time to do it…

If you are familiar with deployment/DevOps, you can basically “copy” the docker-compose.full.yml setup.
As services, you need: Postgres (better v12+), Elasticsearch (v7), RabbitMQ, Redis.
To run InvenioAppILS, you need nginx as reverse proxy in front (to serve the React SPA app and forward the API requests to the backend with WSGI protocol) and uWSGI to run the backend.

Thank you so much! Absolutely! I’ll post the commands, my configuration, etc.

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a pet-project for me in my personal time. I may not be able to get everything to you until this weekend. But I’ll be sure to do so! Thank you for your time! :slight_smile: