LDAP server/ Active Directory as External Authentication Provider

Hi all,

are LDAP server / Active Directory supported as an external authentication server?



There’s https://github.com/galterlibrary/invenio-ldapclient from Northwestern University which I don’t think has been tested in production yet. You can get in touch with Guillaume Viger (github: fenekku) who might be able to provide more info.


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Hey @schlauch,

We have indeed developed this library. We have used this for our “initial from the framework up prototype” of our Invenio instance here: https://vtfsmghslapps04.fsm.northwestern.edu/ (so in some form of production).

We haven’t touched it since and it wasn’t made with the new RDM in mind (was made prior to that). For our site, will be revisitng authentication this month and the next and reassessing it.