Modified invenio.cfg is not considered?

Hi together,
I did some modifications in the invenio.fcg. Precisely, I added a keycloak integration according to the official documentation. And I am making use of the containerized version. However, when I restart the containers the changes seem not to be applied correctly. However, the looks of all docker containers spawned by Invenio look good.
So my question is twofold:

  1. Where can I see the start-up log that read and parse the invenio.cfg? Probably I misconfigured the file, but I can’t see any logs regarding this.
  2. After modifying invenio.cfg, what steps are required to make changes happen in the containzerized version?

I tried to find corresponding information on the docs but was not successful.
Thanks in advance!

when you modify the invenio.cfg, you need to re-build the image, because the file is copied inside the image when building, see here.

To check what configuration is loaded, the easiest way is to connect via ssh to one running container, gain access to a bash shell and run:

$ invenio shell

then in the shell:

from flask import current_app

current_app.config  # print all config
current_app.config["MY_CONFIG_VAR"]  # print config value

Thanks a lot for the fast and helpful reply.
I was able to follow these steps and could see that my configuration was parsed correctly and is part of the current_app.config.

However, my changes did not really apply at all and the surface looks the very same, although I integrated settings regarding Keycloak integration.

So my follow-up question is:
Where can I see the logs of the service(s) that reads / parses the invenio.cfg? Maybe the configuration is right but there are other issues that are probably logged at a given place?

Thanks and best regards!

I don’t think we have logs related to config parsing. If there is an error in the config, the app will not start and you will see the stack trace in the console.
If you have reviewed the config, and it looks correct, there is no better way than having a look to the code, you can find it here.

You can also join our chat and ask there to see if any other user encountered similar issues.