OCFLCore: how to read from a repository?

I was redirected here from the support section of the OCFLCore python module.

I’m trying to use it to manage a repository but I can’t seem to get further than the QuickStart (which works!).

I am hoping to be able to read from an existing OCFL filesystem, but after returning to the filesystem I created in the QuickStart, and creating a “repository” object in the same way, list() returns nothing and list_objects() returns AttributeError: 'OCFLRepository' object has no attribute 'list_objects'.

I’m on version 0.1.0 of ocflcore and I see a new version has been released today (wow!) but I can’t get it yet via pip.

I’m hoping for a little bit more documentation about how to use ocflcore to navigate a repository. I can help write if anyone can help me understand it.


OCFLCore has for now mainly been used to write and not read an OCFL repository. However, Data Futures has just recently resumed work on the module. I think list_objects() only recently got added so it’s not in the 0.1 release on PyPI. I’ll ping Data Futures as they might be able to help out.

And sorry for the docs, the docs build got broken.


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I did a little bit of work on OCFLCore yesterday - its perhaps not quite ready for another release but I wanted to push something through to catch any CI/dependency issues on the code as it hadn’t been touched in a while.

As Lars says, the current implementation is essentially write-only but I’m working to extend that. If you pull the current main you will be able to get a list of objects in the repo, but that’s the only added feature in 0.2.0.

If you’d like to discuss more, feel free to find us on Discord https://discord.gg/8qatqBC, I will also PM you my email here.

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