Select community when uploading a record via API

I am new to working with InvenioRDM and for testing purposes, I’m trying to upload multiple records via the API. I was able to perform the basic upload and publish actions with the help in the documentation but I was wondering how I can specify the community to which I want to submit a record?
If the UI in the browser is used to create and upload a record, there is a button a the top to select a community, so I am guessing it is also possible to do the same while using the API.

Thanks in advance!

yes it is possible, it looks like that we did not document how to include a record to communities after the first publishing.

After the first publish of the record, you can then include the record in multiple communities.
Given that we did not document yet this part, have a look to the tests to see an example.

Feel free to join our chat, there are other users very active that can help.

@Luise The functionality for adding a community in the initial record upload + publish, is possible via the REST API, and documented at Reviews - Turn-key research data management repository.

I agree, ideally this should be referenced in the Record/Draft creation section, but since we’re still adding a couple of features that are critical to the publishing lifecycle, we might see how to fit them into the bigger picture of a full REST API flow later on.

Thank you both for your quick response and @nitarocc thank you for the link to the chat!
I worked it out with the REST API Reviews.