Summary of October 15th telecon

Summary of the October 15th InvenioRDM telecon


  • Send a sqaure photo to Lars for the people section on new website.
  • Register for project meeting, January 20-24: Register, Accomodation
  • Review new website and send comments (check logos, text, etc for RDM).




How do we make the telecon relevant to you?

  • Every 14-days is good but short calls.
  • Have a specific topic for every call.
  • Demo stuff you are working on.
  • A bit more technical details.
  • On a monthly basis, include all the opportunities that you can participate in.
  • Look for F2F opportunities
  • How can we document the value proposition of InvenioRDM.
  • Hear about tools and resources
  • More discussion of feature timelines (what is the next development cycle going to look like)
  • Keep a notation of who is going where.


Next telecon

October 29th (time change!)

  • Ankara: 17:30
  • Geneva: 15:30
  • London: 14:30
  • New York: 10:30
  • Chicago: 09:30
  • Los Angeles: 07:30

Commenting on the Website: Replace font-awesome logo for Roadmap from fa-graduation-cap to something “map-like”, e.g. road or map-marker-alt .

…same goes for the events-logo. fa-video-camera should be replaced by something calendarish like calendar-alt

Fixed - should be online soon.

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