Unable to invite user to a community 'Network Error"

Hello All

Where is this “network error” message coming from?

Running as NON containerized.

invenio.cfg contains

SITE_UI_URL = “https://liberation.scot
SITE_API_URL = “https://liberation.scot/api

using RDM 11.0

I can login as admin OK

This is running on an EC2 instance in AWS

we have a similar question in the Discord chat (it might be you), you might want to join the discussion there.

To answer your question, for SITE_UI_API and SITE_API_URL, you should follow what is written in the comment in the config file, here.
For example, it should be: `https://myinveniodomain.com" and “https://myinveniodomain.com/api”.
These are the URL exposed outside, to the user. These config vars are used to generate URL links that the user will use/click on.