Uninstall InvenioRDM for fresh installation

Hi all.
While updating my operating system, there was a power cut and since then I can not start invenio because there are many missing folders. How can I uninstall the app to reinstall it again?
Thanks in advance

if you want to install a specific version of InvenioRDM, simply check requirements and follow the install documentation. For example, for v9.1:

pip install invenio-cli
invenio-cli init rdm -c v9.1

If you had any customization in your website, you need to re-apply them from your GIT repository or backups.

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Thank you for your reply @nitarocc .
I have InvenioRDM v10 but due to the loss of several directories the application can no longer be launched.
I would like to uninstall it first and then install it again.
I don’t know how I can uninstall it

I would:

  1. Init again InvenioRDM v10, as in the documentation. Make sure that the folder/project name is exactly same as before.
  2. copy all the files in the previous folder, the broken one
  3. go to the folder and run invenio-cli install: this will re-install all the Python packages and it will re-build the assets.

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When i run invenio-cli init rdm -c v10 i got this error The v10 branch of repository https://github.com/inveniosoftware/cookiecutter-invenio-rdm.git could not found, have you made a typo?

You have to put v10.0: invenio-cli init rdm -c v10.0

If you have issues, please join the chat. There are more people that can help.