Metadata Interest Group

Please reply to this thread if you are interested in joining the InvenioRDM Metadata Working Group.

First task: how to model subjects / combining vocabularies.

i am interested in joining the InvenioRDM Metadata Working Group.


I am also interested in joining the InvenioRDM Metadata Working Group.

CERN Library

Please add me to the InvenioRDM Metadata Working Group.
CERN Library

Please add me to the InvenioRDM Metadata Working Group.



Welcome Christoph, Anne, Paulina and Tullio! We’re excited to have your participation in the Metadata Interest Group and we thank you for your commitment of time and ideas. I’ll respond to this thread soon with information about planning and scheduling of future meetings. In the meantime please feel free to contribute metadata-related concerns to this thread!


Hi Sara

I am interested as well.

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I’m also interested in joining.

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Welcome Carlos and Maxim!

Sara (NU)


I’m interested, too.

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Welcome, Werner! I’m glad you can join us.


I am interested in participating. Thanks!

I’m interested in joining, although my availability might be limited over the next few months.

Welcome, Katie and Tom!

Hi Sara,

I am interestered in participating.


So just a broad question - what’s next?

Welcome, Marco!

Maxim, to answer your question, I will send out a Doodle poll soon to all those interested in the group to determine our availability for our first meeting, to take place in late January. At the meeting we’ll discuss our draft charter. We’ll also discuss an initial agenda item, which is modeling the Subjects field using various controlled vocabularies.

Thanks again everyone for your interest in the Metadata Interest Group. I have a few updates to share:

  1. A blog post has just been published outlining the origins and some future goals of this group:
  2. We now have a Doodle poll to help us decide on a date for our first meeting, to be held in late January:
  3. The group’s charter is now unlocked for comment at:

I’ll plan to send the Doodle again early next year in case we miss interested participants over the next week or two for the holidays. Thanks everyone, and happy new year!

Hi everyone,

Happy 2021! As a reminder, we’re working towards scheduling the first meeting of the InvenioRDM Metadata Interest Group in late January. If you’d like to join, please fill out the Doodle poll below by this Friday, January 8th:

Hi! I’m also interested in participating. Thanks!